Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ruffle Explosion

I finally finished my pillows! Well almost. I just have some hand-sewing to do but the hard part (overanalyzing) is done! I decided to make some curtains while I was at it to complete the transformation and was happy with the results. They reflect the light and make the room seem bright and airy.

-I think I might have gone a little nutso with the ruffles (ruffle curtains + 5 ruffly pillows), but I'm  outnumbered 3:1 so I've got to add some girl stuff wherever I can right?!

Now onto the nitty gritties that I'm sure you are all so very excited to read about.
I used a bunch of tutorials for the pillows: I started out following the tutorials pretty closely, except I wish I would have done envelope backs instead of thinking it would be easier to hand-sew them all shut.

After making those pillows that's when I ran out of steam and the quality started going downhill fast as I decided I just wanted to be done!

So for the curtains I used this tutorial,
which was great until I got to the part where it said to pleat 8, 5-yard strips of fabric into 1/2 inch pleats. I got about four pleats ironed and decided that wasn't going to happen,
so I improvised and did ruffles instead. So much faster and easier, which for me translates into much better!

Then for the pillow shams I used this tutorial, which I also decided needed a little (lot) of modification to make it more Robyn-friendly. The tutorial said to use 2 strips of 2.5 yard fabric to make one row of ruffles, which translated into 12 strips for both pillows. The first step was to serge or zig-zag both sides (12*2=24 sides, 24 sides*2.5 yards =60 yards total - aren't you so impressed with my math skills?) so they wouldn't fray. Right, that wasn't going to happen. So not only did I not do that step, but I also didn't have the patience to cut the strips out, so I just ripped them - so much easier, plus I love that sound :)

Then I started ruffling one strip and decided I didn't want to do that either because that was 30 yards worth of ruffles, so I asked my mom if there was a short-cut for ruffling. She showed me a new trick that has revolutionized my world and created so many possibilities! She showed me how to zig-zag stich over a kite-string and then pull the kite string to create the ruffle. Amazing! My world will never be the same now that I can add ruffles to anything and everything without wanting to pull out my hair. -Matching ruffle tuxedo shirts for all three boys here we come ;)

So anyway, the pillow shams are finished :)

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